Kaley -苗条(源自英文)

Kayley -“谁像上帝?”(源自美国)和 Kaley 同音,也可以写成Kaylee

Kande - 长女,出生第一的女儿(源自非洲)

Kathy - 纯洁(源自英文)也可以写成 Kathie,意思一样,


Kelsea - Island Of The Ships(源自斯坦的纳维亚)

Kelsey - From Ceol's Island(源自英文)

相关写法 Kelsi, Kelsy, Kelsie, Kelcey

就推荐这麼多~个人比较喜欢 Kelsey,而 Kelsea 应该比较少见.纯粹个人意见.

希望能帮到你~~~ ^_^Kaviny 新闻上看到的,也不知道咋读。。。不好意思。。。不是很淑女?那想要个中性风格的名字吧,推荐几个男孩女孩都能用的给你








addison -much more popular for girls than boys.

alex -alex just barely makes it on the top 1000 for girls, but is a top 100 boys name.

alexis -a really popular name for both genders.

ali -this name skyrocketed in popularity because of the prize-fighting namesake.

amari -makes the top 500 for both boys and girls.

angel -a popular latin name for boys, and a heavenly name for girls.

ariel -simply a great name, especially for girls.

ashton -another name affected by celebrity induced baby naming popularity.

avery -label this one a great name for either gender.

bailey -simply a great name for a girl, and not bad for a boy either!

cameron -used a lot, but more for a boy than a girl.

campbell -just barely making the top 1000 for either gender.

carson -cool name for girl, even better for a boy.

casey -an alltime favorite.

chase -much less common for a girl.

christian -a biblical baby name makes the list.

dakota -this old west name is hip again.

devin -devin and its alternate spelling are popular.

devon -a popular african american baby name.

devyn -the less popular form of devin.

dominique -it makes the list year after year after year.

drew -the girls name just barely creeps into the top 1000.

dylan -a top 20 most popular baby boys name.

emerson -it surprises us so many girls are named emerson.

guadalupe -a popular latin name for either sex.

harley -this name revs up the charts.

hayden -you can't go wrong with this baby name.

hunter -this occupational baby boy names makes the list.

jaden -the 2nd most popular alternate spelling of jaden.

jadyn -yet a 4th version of the name jaden. now that's a lot of babies!

jaiden -the 3rd most popular version of jaden.

jaidyn -the least common version of the name jaden to make this list.

jaime -a less popular spelling of jaime, but still popular.

jamie -this is a much used name.

jayden -5 versions of jaden makes the list. this is the only version more popular for boys.

jaylen -a jammin name for many posh tots.

jaylin -more frequently used for guys than gals.

jessie -almost the same amount of usage for either sex.

jordan -this version of the name is much more popular for boys.

jordyn -and this version is much more popular for girls.

justice -a top 500 name for either gender.

kasey -and the other spelling of kasey also makes this list.

kayden -yet another name that ends in -aden. we think this is a little overused.

kendall -the name of a fine wine, and it makes a great baby name.

kennedy -a much better name for a baby girl than guy.

logan -a cool name for any baby.

london -london also makes the capital city baby girl names list.

madison -one of the most popular baby girl names, and a couple boys get in on the action.

micah -a top 200 name for boys

morgan -an awesome name. it?s a reason to have kids.

parker -this old english name makes the list.

payton -we love payton as a girl's name.

peyton -and also this spelling of payton.

phoenix -phoenix is actually falling, and not rising up the charts.

quinn -we find it hard to believe but this name makes the list with many babies to spare.

reagan -a conservative name, if you know what we mean.

reese -celebrities help this name climb the charts.

reilly -just popular enough to make the top 1000 - for boys and girls.

riley -by far the most popular spelling of this name.

rowan -a popular name in the british commonwealth, but also catching on in the states.

ryan -there are a whole lot of baby boys named ryan out there, and also quite a few girls.

rylee -kind of a cool name. what do you think?

sage -you don't have to be an old sage to like this baby name.

shannon -we knew this would be on the list, but it's far less popular than we thought.

shea -perhaps this is a popular name in new york?

sidney -a hip name for a girl, a little old fashioned for a boy.

skylar -the popular spelling of skylar for girls.

skyler -the more popular spelling of skylar for boys.

taylor -here's another occupational baby boy names .

teagan -who would have thought teagan would have made the list?

tyler -and last but not least, we have the name tyler. we like it more for a girl than a guy, but it is far more common for boys.你可以取名叫Kaitylyn或者Katherine比较优雅。要是喜欢可爱的名字就叫Katie。




Mabel 可爱的 女性 法国

Macaria 神圣的,纯洁的,受祝福的 女性 希腊

Madeira 甜酒 女性 西班牙

Madeline 从Magdala来的女人 女性 希伯来

Madge 珍珠

Beenle 冰清玉洁的名字 10级

Icey 就是“冰”+y,纯净!对不对? 10级

Angle 天使!神圣之名!活泼者请找Fairy 8级

Diana 黛安娜,不想与女皇同名吗? 6级

Rose 玫瑰,浓郁馨香之名。 7级

Barbie 芭比,玲珑可爱的娃娃之名 7级

Moon 月,月亮公主,宁静的银…… 9级

Snowy “雪”+y,比白雪公主Snowhite更可爱! 8级

Christal 水晶,晶晶亮亮,不好吗? 9级

Bubles 泡泡,可爱的名字,享受风中的飘浮。 7级

Colorfully 多彩的,就像彩虹与极光,绚烂。 6级

Purplegrape 紫葡萄,幽静典雅配晶亮洁净,好名字呀~~ 10级

Silverdew 银露珠,这是宁静如月配莹美纯洁,也很美。 10级

Greenle “绿”+el,碧是个好字眼,不也代表绿? 9级

Star 星,那也有可爱又静谧,闪烁着智慧之光。 9级

Fairy 仙女,不过是小而可爱的那种。9级

Dreamy “梦”+y,梦幻是多美、多神秘!幻想着,来吧! 6级

Flower 花,缤纷无比,是性格内向的好选择。 8级

Magical “魔法”+al,好棒!魔力圣术!魔女们,出动把! 9级

Sweety “甜”+y,也是可爱这首选,蜜一般lovely! 7级

Yilia 伊丽娅,典雅之名,宁如神女。 6级

Maria 玛丽亚,圣母之名,活泼勇敢的月亮公主之名。 6级

Nancy 高尚、温和、优雅之意

Annabelle 亲切的、美丽的、可爱的

Jodie 文静、头发柔软的、纯洁

Janice 慈祥、上帝的恩宠、温柔

Qearl 像珍珠一般、海的女儿MajnjuAmy如果想要的英文名,我推荐你去【美名腾智能起英文名】:上去起吧,完全免费的哦。我自己的英文名就是在这里起出来的,可以根据名字的读音或者意义起英文名。还可以根据首字母起英文名呢。补充一点小常识:一般起英文名,都不自造,你看老外的英文名,都是在那,万个英文名里面找出来的。建议根据自己中文名的读音或者意义起英文名。下面是我从上面为你起完拷贝过来的英文名,希望你喜欢,不喜欢可以自己去起哦。向梦绮Manuel王顺Kenina 火红 清秀Jancial Mar

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